Backup and Restore of VCSA 6.5

Backing up and Restoring VCSA

Backup steps

  • Log into the VCSA appliance screen. In my case
  • Select Backup from the Summary Screen

  • Put in the backup details. As a test I have set up a Filezilla FTP server on a Windows box to use as my backup location

You can choose to optionally encrypt the backup with a password. This uses AES256 encryption

  • Click Next and it will validate the inputs

  • Choose what to backup

  • Click Next and Complete the Backup

  • The Backup should run and complete successfully

  • Check the backup files exist in the ftp directory you specified

Restoring a VCSA 6.5 appliance

The one thing to remember is that is my lab environment. I am going to power off and unregister my current VCSA to simulate that there has been an unrecoverable failure as I am going to need to restore an identical named and IP addressed machine. Obviously you can’t have 2 VMs registered with the same name in the inventory or the same IP address so I have temporarily shutdown and unregistered my current VCSA.

  • Mount the vCSA installer ISO and run installer.exe from \vcsa-ui-installer\win32 assuming you’re running this on Windows.
  • Click Restore

  • The Restore Wizard will start and you will see the below screen
  • Click Next

  • Accept the License Agreement

  • Fill in the details for the backup file

  • Check the details

  • Click Next
  • Put in the host details for deploying the new VCSA

  • Accept the Certificate

  • Set up the target appliance VM

  • Set the deployment size

  • Select the datastore to restore to. In my case I have a vSAN or a Local datastore to restore to

  • Enter the IP Address details.

  • Click Next
  • Check the Details and click Ready to Complete

  • It will say initializing

  • It will finally complete and should say

  • Click Continue

  • Check the details

  • Complete the second stage of the restore

  • Take note of the warning

  • The restore should start

  • Once the restore has fully finished, you should see the below screen

  • Check the host for the newly restored VCSA

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